Very Large Scale Integration or VLSI is a process and its end product. The process is the creation of an Integrated circuit by putting together thousands of transistors into a single chip. Most of the microprocessors in use today are VLSI chips. VLSI chips are programmed and tested by the utilisation of Verilog, a programming language. Verilog is utilised to perform operations through the chip.
Our VLSI course includes Verilog also. Our VLSI design experts will teach you about the front-end, verification and designing the physical boards of the VLSI chips. The experts who will be Courses you have many years of industrial experience with VLSI chips.
  • Practice sessions are equal to the theoretical classes in this VLSI course. The knowledge you gain in this course on the designing and implementation of VLSI chips will make you into a VLSI expert capable of designing your own chips for specific uses.

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