Robotics consists of the design, construction and operation of robots as solutions for real-world problems with the help of computer systems. Mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer science are the streams of engineering which are parts of Robotics. Understanding the working of the components and how they will function in the robot, the microprocessor or microcontroller controlling the robot along with the programming and the construction of the robot are all parts of robotics.
Our robotics course involves theoretical classes on the components, the programming of the microprocessor and the microprocessor itself taught by our robotics experts. All of our robotics course students are provided with a kit.
  • This kit contains the components necessary to build a wide range of robots and the software applications for programming the microprocessor controlling the robot. Practical classes involve the construction of robots and programming the microprocessor. All students who join our Robotics courses will leave as robotics experts.

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