Revit MEP is a software application created and deployed by Autodesk for the management of BIMs or Building Information Models for the utilisation of electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers. Revit MEP is specialised for an easy view of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical designs which are parts of the building’s construction.
Our Revit MEP course provides an insight to students joining the course on the workings of Revit MEP. Our Revit experts have utilised Revit MEP in multiple projects and developed multiple models of the internal systems of buildings.
  • The theoretical classes conducted by our experts outline the techniques and steps involved in creating models in Revit MEP and the students are guided in creating their own models during practical classes using the methods taught by our experts in the theoretical classes. All of the students enrolling in our Revit MEP course will become masters of creating and designing buildings and its internal systems using Revit MEP.

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