A cross-platform Javascript library designed to simplify the HTML scripting on the client’s side is Jquery. More that 65% of the internet’s top websites are utilising Jquery. Plugins can also be created using Jquery. Dynamic websites are primarily utilising Jquery. The newest version of Jquery is now capable of functioning with Internet Explorer 9 and the succeeding versions. Implementation of multiple technologies for a single webpage or website is possible through Jquery. All website developers are expected to know Jquery. Join our Jquery course to gain an understanding on Jquery and to learn of its implementation methods. Our team of website developers are experts in Jquery and are waiting to provide the knowledge and practice you need to become a Jquery expert.
  • The theory classes provide the theoretical knowledge and practical classes allow you to practice the techniques and programs provided in the theory classes. Complete our Jquery course and you can add Jquery to your website developing skills.

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