To start working and building PHP website applications we want to download and setup XAMPP Server in Local. Prerequisites before starting off with the installation of XAMPP Check the PC Specification of 32 or 64 bit and download the necessary version.

STEP 1 : Download XAMPP From Apache Friends Website

  1. Go to browser and type the url http:// to download the version of xampp required for your PC

    Download Here

STEP 2 : Launch Setup

  1. Install the downloaded executable file

  2. The setup will guide through the steps after running the setup.

STEP 3 : Select the Components

  1. Select the components needed to for you to install. It is an custom check option to click the necessary components.

STEP 4 : Choose Installation Folder

  1. Choose the location where you want to install your software. Default would be C:\XAMPP. You can change the location in your PC.

STEP 5 : Installation Prompt

  1. Installation prompt will appear as bitnani for xampp, click next to begin with installation.

STEP 6 : Installation starts

  1. Installation starts to unpacking files and wait until the installation is completed.

STEP 7 : Completing setup

  1. After the wait of unpacking the set up will complete the installation and click finish.

STEP 8 : Launch Control Panel

  1. After successfull install launch the control panel to access your installed components.

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