To start working and building wordpress website applications we want to download and setup XAMPP Server in Local and wordpress.

STEP 1 : Download Wordpress From Website

  1. Go to browser and type the url to download the latest version of wordpress for your PC

    Download Wordpress Here

STEP 2 : Copy to Location c:/XAMPP/htdocs

  1. Extract the downloaded rar file, rename the folder and copy it to the location c:/XAMPP/htdocs.

STEP 3 : Create a Blank Database in MySql

  1. Open xampp control panel, click Mysql admin to open Mysql DB.

STEP 4 : Creating a Blank DB in PHPMyAdmin

  1. After clicking the admin button of mysql component in xampp, you get the following screen and click new.

  2. After clicking new option available in the left to give a name to the database, you get as follows and type your name of database and click create.

  3. The blank database will be created where you can view in the name you entered at the beginning.

STEP 5 : Installation Wordpress

  1. Now the blank DB has been created as shown above. Go to your browser and type localhost/yourfoldername in your htdocs location you copied and renamed. The following would be the start of installation by selecting your language of your choice.

STEP 6 : Configure Database

  1. Next step id to configure the database settings and make the necessary names to be given properly as shown below. Now click let's go.

  2. Give the database, host, username and password of your local settings. it should be same as what you have given while creating Database. Username should be root and click submit.

  3. After that you would get a successfull install partial message, then click run the install

  4. Next step you would get welcome screen where it asks fill the necessary site name, set admin username & password of your choice then click install wordpress

STEP 7 : Completing setup

  1. Finally you would get a success page saying username you entered and password you choosen then click login.

  2. After that you would get a login screen to give your username and password created during installation then click login

  3. You will be logged into admin panel with all the necessary options available shown as follows.

  4. To activate theme go to appearance->themes->there will be default theme twentythirteen theme->click activate. You can the theme as follows.

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