To start working with photoshop check version and of PC you have download the appropriate vesions.

STEP 1 : Download Photoshop form Adobe Products Websites

  1. Go to browser and type the url to download the version of photoshop required for your PC

    Download Here

STEP 2 : Launch Setup

  1. The folder would be downloaded open the folder and run set-up.exe

  1. Upon running the set-up.exe, you would get the initializing installer and wait for some time

STEP 3 : Choose The Install Type

  1. Choose the product installation in trial and click next. If you have purchased the product then enter the serial.

STEP 4 : Choose Install Options and Set Location

  1. Choose the options you want to install along with photoshop and set the location where you want to install this product.

STEP 5 : Installation Progress

  1. Installation will begin with options you choosed and at the location where you opted for, wait for sometime.

STEP 6 : Completing Installation

  1. The product will be installed in trial version the desired location of your choice and click done to close and launch your application.

STEP 7 : Activating Product

  1. When the product is launched you would get a 30 day free trial version of the product. If purchased the product then paste the serial you received shown as follows. Choose continue as trial -> click continue to launch if the key not available.

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