To start working with photoshop check version and of PC you have download the appropriate vesions.

STEP 1 : Download Illustrator form Adobe Products Websites

  1. Go to browser and type the url to download the version of photoshop required for your PC

    Download Here

STEP 2 : Launch Setup

  1. The folder would be downloaded open the folder and run set-up.exe and you get a security warning, click run.

STEP 3 : Choose The Install Type

  1. Choose the product installation in trial if no serial. If you have purchased the product then click install.

STEP 4 : Choose License agreement

  1. Click to accept to move further.

STEP 5 : Installation Location

  1. Choose the location you want to install and click install, wait for some time.

STEP 6 : Completing Installation

  1. The product will be installed in trial version the desired location of your choice and click close to launch your application by going to program files in your windows.

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